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How Wingtra Drone Works to Collect High Resolution Data

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Wingtra VTOL

Wingtra is a tailsitting VTOL (Vertical TakeOff and Landing) unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) developed by a Switzerland startup. In 2017 the Swiss company caused ripples in the drone industry when it released its first commercial drone. A one-of-a-kind aerial vehicle that offers something that has never been seen before in drone photogrammetry.

The Zurich based startup set a new benchmark in large-scale surveying and mapping applications with its WingtraOne post-processed kinematic (PPK) drone. This PX4-powered vehicle combines the best of both multi-rotors and fixed wings to provide broad coverage and high resolution with ultra-precise accuracy. According to benchmark tests by industry, WingtraOne can cover 960 acres (or 480 football fields) in a single one-hour flight. And thanks to post-processed kinematics (PPK) technology, the unmanned aerial vehicle can deliver maps at GSDs below 1cm/px with absolute accuracy down to 1cm.

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Wingta Use Cases

The kind of VTOL and autonomous capabilities the WingtraOne possesses opens new possibilities in improving wildlife protection, agriculture, parcel delivery, and many other applications. VTOL technology means the drone can practically take off and land almost anywhere, making it far more flexible. The autonomous vehicle is also able to perform various manoeuvres not possible with conventional drones; a significant advantage for aerial surveying.

WingtraOne’s flying wing configuration and multi-rotors enables the aircraft to takeoff vertically, and once in flight, to tilt forward to fly horizontally. This aircraft has a long endurance of 55 minutes, which is suitable for heavy deployement in mapping. With the aid of Pix4D post-processing software, Wingtra PPK has become a popular drone in aerial surveying. The software provides very precise calculations and enables users to collect high resolution aerial data.

As a result, Wingtra has found applications ranging from cadastral surveying to digital elevation modelling. From bird counting in Northern Germany to monitoring of Africa’s largest uranium mine, Wingtra has seen it all.

Watch this video below to see the drone in action:

Video Image courtesy: Wingtra.

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