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How to Create Compelling Story Maps

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Harnessing the power of maps

The widespread use of mobile devices has increased the appetite for location information. And with the exponential growth in the rate of information sharing and web mapping, the world has come to a point where important decisions are made with maps.

Story maps are intuitive maps enriched with narrative text, images, and multimedia content. They harness the power of maps to relay information. Being intuitive maps, they can be used to showcase an organisation’s projects and plans. Further, they can be employed to engage the community, to communicate with customers or call attention of decision makers.

Story mapping platforms

There are many web-based platforms and libraries for creating story maps. Unfortunately, most of these platforms are not built on stable APIs. They are only ideal for hobbyists. For reliable infrastructure, organizations are advised to use Luciad’s Geospatial ecosystem. With Luciad’s efficient APIs, organizations can build reliable and high performance product with a clean state-of-the-art architecture. Luciad provide users with advanced capabilities for building interactive mobile and web-based applications that are both intuitive and compelling.

See how Luciad compares with Esri and other platforms.

Here is a list of freely available story mapping platforms for creating and sharing interesting information about a place or topic.

Create Compelling Story Maps

We have created the following story map as a proof of concept, using leafletJS free web-mapping libraries. The web-map demonstrates how WWF could leverage on web-mapping technologies to improve communication and service delivery. It also shows how story-maps could be deployed to disseminate valuable geographic information. Interestingly, these interactive tool could as well work as a crowd-sourcing platform by soliciting support through feedback.

The story is based on some of the projects and initiatives in Tanzania.

Here is the story map:

story mapping
Story Map – web mapping example.

Open in Full View.

The Source code for the above story-map can be forked from our GitHub repository.

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