Welcome to the world of location intelligence!

Welcome to Geo.Appsmith. This is our first post. Stay tuned as we reveal the planet to you!

With us you start to Derive Meaningful Insights.

Thank you.

Douglas Mbura

I'm a GIS Specialist. Working as CTO, responsible (Response-Able) for managing the technological requirements at GeoAppsmith.

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2 Responses

  1. Sanjib Bharadwaj says:

    We are interested in buying it to be utilised in applications on behalf of our clients in India – mostly Start-ups. We are going to resale it to small vendors. If you can send us your specifications, terms and conditions; it would be great to see.
    Sanjib B Bhardwaj
    For, MuktaAkash Labs

    • dmbura says:

      Hi Sanjib,
      Thanks for expressing interest on Luciad Software.
      I will link you with the right person from Luciad who will take you through the software.

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