Hypsometric Analysis With LuciadLightspeed

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Working on Terrain Data LuciadLightspeed is a complete software solution that provides unmatched capabilities for accurate processing, visualization and analysis of terrain data. With Luciad’s high performance desktop solution, you can use regular terrain data as the basis for advanced hypsometric calculations, to derive detailed insights into the features of the terrain you are looking […]

How to Download 125 Million US Building Footprint Data

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Early this year Microsoft released approximately 125 million building footprint polygon geometries in all 50 US States in GeoJSON format. This dataset containing 125,192,184 computer generated building footprints was the output of a combination of deep learning, computer vision and artificial intelligence work by Microsoft’s Bing Maps Team. The team has reportedly been been applying these techniques with […]

Human Activity

Satellite Imagery Show How Climate Change and Human Activity have Changed the Planet.

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Urbanization in Dubai  The past 30 years brought about significant economic, political and technological changes, which have influenced the structure and the functions of urban areas in United Arab Emirates (UAE). In a span of a decade or so, Dubai undertook a massive engineering projects to create highly urbanized city with modern infrastructure that […]

story maps

How to Create Compelling Story Maps

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Harnessing the power of maps The widespread use of mobile devices has increased the appetite for location information. And with the exponential growth in the rate of information sharing and web mapping, the world has come to a point where important decisions are made with maps. Story maps are intuitive maps enriched with narrative text, images, and […]

WingtraOne unmanned aerial vehicle

How Wingtra Drone Works to Collect High Resolution Data

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Wingtra VTOL Wingtra is a tailsitting VTOL (Vertical TakeOff and Landing) unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) developed by a Switzerland startup. In 2017 the Swiss company caused ripples in the drone industry when it released its first commercial drone. A one-of-a-kind aerial vehicle that offers something that has never been seen before in drone photogrammetry. The […]

OpenSource Drone Projects

Free and Open-Source Drone Projects

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Free Drone Software and Hardware Drones are impacting everyday life through Earth Observation (EO), especially close-range aerial photography and remote sensing. Earth observation (EO) comprises both the collection of the Earth’s surface information as well as the analysis and presentation of the gathered data. Talking of drone data, here are some rich sources of freely licensed […]

modis data levels

How to Download Modis Images Using R: An Operational Implementation With R studio

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Modis Data Portal The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (or MODIS) consists of two satellites Terra (EOS AM) and Aqua (EOS PM). The two spacecrafts have been imaging the entire earth, every 1 to 2 days, since the year 2000. The instruments provide high temporal resolution data that shows dynamics in cloud cover and radiations in the atmosphere. The […]