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Intel XDK Exits Apps: Is this the end of apps?

A few months ago Intel announced that its cross-platform mobile apps integrated development environment (Intel XDK IDE) will be deprecated and subsequently disabled by the end of June, (2017).

Here is the message that the leading American Technology company posted on the official XDK Page:

“The Intel® XDK mobile app cloud build service is deprecated and will be disabled at the end of June 2017…” 

The move would allow the company to focus on building the ultimate platform for IoT applications. This announcement is not good news to app developers and enthusiasts of Intel’s powerful rapid development tool. True, there are other alternative cross-platform dev tools (such as Adobe Phone-gap Build and Cordova CLI), but XDK provided the ultimate environment with all  ingredients required to design, debug, emulate, build and publish apps -all contained as one package.

But what is the implication of the move by this tech giant to quit the apps business? Does is it signal the beginning of the end of mobile apps industry? Is it an indication that IoT is the next big thing?

Well, to dispel any fear about the apps industry a leading mobile analytics App Annie predicts that mobile apps industry will continue to grow steadily in the foreseeable future. According to App Annie “mobile apps will continue to grow and more companies from traditional industries will realize that mobile is no longer an optional investment”.

However, there is no doubt that Internet of Things is quickly becoming the next big thing. Forbes magazine predicts an explosive growth in IoT. According to Forbes, IoT market will reach $267B by the year 2020.

See Forbes info-graphic below:

IoT expected spending according to Forbes


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