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defining a fixed zoom when double clicking a record in the attribute table


when I double click on a point in the attribute table, the map zooms in that point, but with a relatively low scale (1:36000)
it’s taking a long time to right click each record and click (pan to).. is there a way I can define a high scale (1:1000 maybe) when I double click each record… I tried setting the data frame to a fixed scale but the double click doesn’t work anymore.

hope there’s a easy solution to this

I figured out how ArcMap chooses the new zoom in scale, it’s the layer’s extend divided by 22.
for example, if u click on “zoom to layer” and the scale is 1:22000 for example, then when u double click a record the map will zoom to 1:1000

so any idea how to configure this option?

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