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Artificial Intelligence: Does it have a Place in GIS?

What you should know about deep machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Why companies are investing heavily in developing algorithms capable of processing large data-sets. And how such solutions and applications are transforming our world.

It looks for tumors that otherwise can’t be detected by human eye, composes and plays music of your taste and even drives cars. AI and deep learning is a new technology that is transforming the world. And is being applied in vast range of industries, from agriculture to finance, advertising and retail , to manufacturing and logistics…etc. But does it have a role in the geospatial industry?

Yes. Airbus believes that AI is the holy-grail in the aerospace industry. See how the giant in aerospace industry is exploring the potential of AI here.

DigitalGlobe is also heavily using AI deep machine learning to process and classify large volumes of satellite imagery. Read how here.

And according to Orbital Insight deep learning is the key to developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machines that perceive and understand the world. The company has developed algorithms capable of analyzing millions of satellite images at a time, thereby enabling innovative industry leaders with “advanced, unbiased knowledge of socio-economic trends”.

Learn more about how Orbital Insight’s cutting edge machine learning and AI solutions here.

Also watch the video below as panel of geospatial experts discuss deep learning and AI at GeoBuiz Summit.

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